American akita kennel Cerberus Moravia

In the spring of 2019, we plan B litter
Amber Sniežne Zjawisko (Meduňka) x Multichampion ATTOMIC ATTACK Cerberus Moravia


DSC02932                                Domin super AJ


litter A Cerberus Moravia born on 13.06.2015


dad :    Corblyme GUVNA

Champion of Poland, Champion of young Poland, Best of Junior, Club winner of the young, excellent

color red and white

HD A, PRA, CEA, LL,  C-neg.12

color red and white

Corblime Guvna

parents : Corblyme GUVNA

dad :       Stecaľs Brooklyn   

mother : Kitsune Pussy Galore

motrher :  CALL ME HONEY Angel in Fur    vrh A

HD A/A,  PRA,  CEA,,LL,  C-neg.14

Black, white marks

Call me Honey Angel in Fur (1)

parents :  CALL ME HONEY Angel in Fur

dad :     Beaufleeťs Dodging Daggers at Melodor 

mother : Geilsaven All This And More

The puppies were born on 13.06.2015 

3 male

Adrenaline Rush                 ( Persi )

Art of War                            ( Alešek )   nyní Bastien

Attomic Attack                    ( Domin )                                                     

3 female

Aint She Sweet                    ( Monča )  nyní Nikita

All You Need is Love          ( Bobina )

Another Queen                    ( Alča )       nyní Queny

We were….

And we´re getting ready for new homes …..

We have our owners….

And over my mother over a year….

DSCN0760 (2)

 Persi          Quenny        Bobina       Domin

  Club show  of American Akit České Budějovice 2016